Brief: FRDCSA replacement for E2C, in lieu of completion of dmiles' E2C
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  • E2C has a ton of applications, e.g.: + Knowledge Base Population (kbp) + Knowledge Base Question Answering (kbqa) + Translate entries in irc-kb to CycL + Normalize atoms for Gourmet + formalize capabilities of software systems using Architect + Translating IRC logs into EmacsWikis + Translating IRC logs into academic articles as part of coauthor using gpt-2 over citeseer (generate-phrase (cyclify INPUT) #$RKFParaphraseMt). We replace #$RKFParaphraseMt with #$AcademicParaphraseMt). + Parsing Math Knowledge from English into CycLanguage + Translating .do and .notes files into Logic + Read D&D Dungeon Master campaign notes and translate into logic for use with role-playing + Reading text to index knowledge (for instance for the Free Life planner) + Parsing text received by alexa into commands + Parsing religious/moral/ethical obligations into CYC for use with FLP insmod <MORAL-SYSTEM>