• - [[][undo-tree]] - Visualize the whole undo history in buffer as a tree, and you can access anywhere in it. - [[][highlight-symbol]] - Auto/manually highlight the same symbols in code, navigate in them, or replace string. - [[][rainbow-delimiters]] - Highlights parentheses, brackets, and braces according to their depth. - [[][rainbow-mode]] - Colorize color names in buffers. - [[][visual-regexp]] - Replace via RegExp, with real-time visual feedback directly in the buffer. - [[][visual-regexp-steroids]] - The same as visual-regexp, but use modern regular expressions instead of emacs-style. - [[][whitespace]] - =[built-in]= Visualize blanks (tab/space/newline). - [[][linum-relative]] - display relative line number in the left margin in emacs. - [[][prettify-symbol-mode]] - =[built-in]= displaying characters as fancy symbols (e.g. =lambda= -> =λ=). - [[][typo.el]] - emacs extension for typographical editing. - [[][highlight-thing]] - Light-weight minor mode to highlight thing under point using built-ins. - [[][focus]] - Dim the font color of text in surrounding paragraphs. - [[][Solaire mode]] - Visually distinguish file-visiting windows from other types of windows (like popups or sidebars) by giving them a slightly different background. - [[][beacon]] - Never lose your cursor again. - [[][dimmer.el]] - Interactively highlight which buffer is active by dimming the others. - [[][volatile-highlights.el]] - Minor mode for visual feedback on some operations in emacs. - [[][color-identifiers-mode]] - Color Identifiers is a minor mode for emacs that highlights each source code identifier uniquely based on its name. - [[][yascroll-el]] - Yet Another Scroll Bar Mode. - [[][goto-line-preview]] - Preview line when executing `goto-line` command. - [[][highlight-parentheses.el]] - highlight surrounding parentheses. - [[][literate-calc-mode]] - display live =calc= results inline - [[][math-preview]] - Preview TeX equations inline