• This directory provides a pre-release snapshot of the forthcoming 1214 version of the ERG, which is a ‘patch’ release addressing minor deficiencies in 1212. The core of the 1214 release has practically been frozen since late 2014, and this pre-release version has been in use already. Since, we have slowly and lovingly improved interface aspects, notably the Semantic Interface (SEM-I), generation, and final sets of gold-standard treebanks. As of May 3 2016, all treebanks are in near-perfect condition, the SEM-I is stable, and there are at most minor pending revisions to generator trigger rules. Fially, the release ‘collateral’ (this file and ‘etc/redwoods.xls’) remain to be updated. The official release of this version of the ERG is planned for mid-May 2016.