• The visual and textual mentions of a *man* shown in the red text and in the red box refer to the same entity, and they should be linked together. The other visual mention i.e. *racket*, *ball* and *logo* should be linked to different entities. These three entities are not known (i.e., they are not part of the initial knowledgebase **K**), and therefore three new entities of type *racket, ball* and *logo* should be added to the knowledge base, i.e., the **A-box** of **K** should be extended with the assertions *Racket(enew1)*, *Ball(enew2)* and *Logo(enew3)*. The visual and textual mentions of *R.Federer* is also referring to the same entity. However, this time the entity is known (i.e., **YAGO** contains an entity for *man*) and therefore the two mentions should be linked to the same entity. For the other textual mentions, i.e., *Lukas Lacko*, *Wimbledon*, *London*, *2018*, we already have instances in the **knowledgebase**, so we have to link them to these entities. (For details read our papers: coming soon!)