• ***** Release check-list - make sure all the bugs are resolved in - make sure antlrworks is compiled against the correct version of ANTLR and ST sources - update the ANTLR and ST jar files in main/lib - change version number (and date when it applies) into these files: - main/ - main/resources/properties/ - main/plugin/src/org/antlr/works/plugin/properties/ - update history in: - main/History - update online files (ask Terence for the path): - index.html - update.xml and such files for new versions - push release notes and such to doc dir - build antlrworks by running ant on the main build file: $ cd main $ ant - verify the following in main/dist folder: - file versions are correct - jar file is running fine - OS X application is launching fine - upload files online: - - - antlrworks-1.x.jar - branch the release in p4 (main -> release/1.x)