• 1. Make sure you have `python3.6` and the `pip` module installed. We recommend using [conda environments]( 1. Navigate to the root folder of this repository (the same folder that contains this README file) and run `pip install -r requirements.txt`. Note: If you are using a conda env and any packages fail to compile during this step, you may need to first install those packages separately with `conda install package_name`. 1. Wait for all the requirements to be downloaded and installed. 1. Run `python install` to install this module. This will also download the Word2vec model files. If the download fails, manually download the [model](, [word embeddings]( and [output embeddings]( and put them in mat2vec/training/models. 1. Finalize your chemdataextractor installation by executing ``cde data download`` (You may need to restart your virtual environment for the cde command line interface to be found). 1. You are ready to go!