Brief: Shoestring public health
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  • The goal of akahige is a free medical assistance. This is achieved in the form of a expert system for diagnosing various medical ailments, and prescribing remedies. Integration with rsr helps pin causal factors. Akahige is an important factor and may be a critical component in the battle against major pandemics. Although this may be a bold statement, what is certain is that mankind's battle against disease is a battle between two forms of life. The virus utilizes its physical structure and mutation in order to outsmart the defenses of mankind. Mankind, on the otherhand, utilizes his conscious experience of the world to direct solutions. While people may conceive of fighting a disease as a labratory job, programs that help people act in ways that reduce the potential for spread are just as important! If akahige is able to disseminate new data around the world's networks to all the population, rich or poor, it will be able to recognize symptoms, suggest courses of action, etc. In conjunction with other tools, it can help to increase the consciousness and situational awareness in the battle against disease.