Brief: Software engineering manager for project management
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    • It is an agent, which communicates over (UniLang/FL/etc.) which is responsible for several tasks related to source and project management/development.
    • Handle setup of preferences for tools used in creating software.
    • Ability to create project, or to run tests and recommend/implement changes to project structure to make them compatible with our development model.
    • Have an update-rc.d like system that handles the following things: It scans a project for information about hooks that it must register with the system BEFORE they get packaged, so that we can test, develop and use these features, without having to build and install the package for every single change, i.e.
    • Yet, when the package is installed, it intelligent selects which hooks ought to be activated between the package and the source system, on certain criteria, and allows hot swapping.
    • Create an FRDCSA distribution CD or DVD on demand. Perhaps, use KNOPPIX as a starter.