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  • Corpus will serve as the automatic classification system for UniLang, which is necessary to achieving the desired capability of automatic message routing. The concept of Adjustable Autonomy is relevant here.

    Corpus now has a reasonable UI and is now successfully classifying messages with a reasonable accuracy. We are using the rainbow - bayesian text classifier. This has suprisingly and astonishingly good results considering how little information would appear to be present in the sentences. However, it is not sufficient. While it usually chooses the correct category, the error rate is still too high, and to disambiguate some of the weaker classes will require extra information. Therefore, I am looking to incorporate other sources of classification evidence, based on features recognized by other external codebases.

    Other features that will be added are as follows. Have the ability to vet the automatic classifications. A type system will be created. Recipient agents can reject messages which will help with classification. Incorporate mass verification and classification adjustment and subsequent message reclassification.

    The next paragraph shows a very preliminary classification example, and the current scheme (ranked in terms of probability associated with example message). Note that the classification is exactly correct. The scheme system will be greatly revamped allowing a subsumption hierarchy and will also focus more on what the actual routing commands are. So for instance, rather than "goal", we would have "(Agent: Verber) (new-goal $1)" or rather than just "icodebase-capability-request", have "(Agent: MyFRDCSA) (capability-request Verber $1)". I.E. the responsible agent and the corresponding command to be sent.

    (((Forgot to pick up pay check - need to go pick that ASAP.)))
                                 observation	0.441955
                      verber-task-definition	0.244548
                           complex-statement	0.118441
      0) Finished
    * 1) observation
    * 2) verber-task-definition
      3) complex-statement
      4) icodebase-solution-to-extant-problem
      5) icodebase-capability-request
      6) event
      7) icodebase-input-data
      8) dream
      9) solution-to-extant-problem
      10) system-request
      11) policy
      12) priority-shift
      13) quote
      14) unclassifiable
      15) intersystem-relation
      16) SOP
      17) funny-annecdote
      18) unilang-client-outgoing-message
      19) goal
      20) icodebase-task
      21) suspicion
      22) not-a-unilang-client-entry
      23) dangling-clause
      24) capability-request
      25) rant
      26) icodebase-resource
      27) propaganda
      28) inspiring-annecdote
      29) shopping-list-item