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  • CSO implements the comprehensive software ontology system. It uses spider to gather software systems, and interfaces with RADAR and Architect. It provides question answering services, particularly with respect to interapplication relations, and system capabilities. It tracks many key features such as licensing and, along with MyFRDCSA, implements an archive of free software to enforce license violations. Another feature it implements is extraction of capabilities from the systems.

    This is a program to maintain a list of possible and checked apt-get sources.

    Can use apt-get.org, sources found on the internet, previous sources, and runs frequency checks on these sources.

    Also used for tracking the packages available from these sources, and, if necessary, for handling the archiving with myfrdcsa.

    Track which sources are bad.

    CSO uses data from the "FLOSSmole Project (2004-2005) SourceForge Available at: http://ossmole.sourceforge.net".

    CSO, -a trust
    Searching sources...
    select * from systems where  (ID like '%trust%' or Name like '%trust%' or ShortDesc like '%trust%' or LongDesc like '%trust%');
    AptCache    : advi                           - an active DVI previewer and presenter                       
    AptCache    : anon-proxy                     - Proxy to surf the web anonymously                           
    AptCache    : burgerspace                    - Avoid evil foodstuffs and make burgers                      
    AptCache    : cl-tclink                      - Common Lisp bindings to the TrustCommerce transaction system
    AptCache    : compartment                    - Confine services in a limited environment                   
    AptCache    : courier-ssl                    - Courier Mail Server - SSL/TLS Support                       
    AptCache    : gnunet                         - Secure, trust-based peer-to-peer framework                  
    AptCache    : hula                           - integrated mail & calendar system with simple interface     
    AptCache    : ircmarkers                     - place markers on maps at given coordinates                  
    AptCache    : kerberos4kth-clients           - Clients for Kerberos4 From KTH                              
    AptCache    : kerberos4kth-clients-x         - X11 files for Kerberos4 From KTH                            
    AptCache    : kerberos4kth-dev               - Development files for Kerberos4 From KTH                    
    AptCache    : kerberos4kth-docs              - Documentation for Kerberos 4 from KTH                       
    AptCache    : kerberos4kth-kdc               - KDC for Kerberos4 from KTH                                  
    AptCache    : kerberos4kth-kip               - Kerberos IP Tunnel software                                 
    AptCache    : kerberos4kth-servers           - Servers for Kerberos4 From KTH                              
    AptCache    : kerberos4kth-servers-x         - X11 files for Kerberos4 From KTH                            
    AptCache    : kerberos4kth-services          - Dummy library package for Kerberos4 From KTH                
    AptCache    : kerberos4kth-user              - Dummy package for Kerberos4 From KTH                        
    AptCache    : kerberos4kth-x11               - Dummy package for Kerberos4 From KTH                        
    AptCache    : kerberos4kth1                  - Dummy library package for Kerberos4 From KTH                
    AptCache    : keyanalyze                     - OpenPGP key analysis                                        
    AptCache    : keynote                        - Decentralized Trust-Management system                       
    AptCache    : krb5-admin-server              - MIT Kerberos master server (kadmind)                        
    AptCache    : krb5-clients                   - Secure replacements for ftp, telnet and rsh using MIT Kerberos
    AptCache    : krb5-doc                       - Documentation for krb5                                      
    AptCache    : krb5-ftpd                      - Secure FTP server supporting MIT Kerberos                   
    AptCache    : krb5-kdc                       - MIT Kerberos key server (KDC)                               
    AptCache    : krb5-rsh-server                - Secure replacements for rshd and rlogind using MIT Kerberos 
    AptCache    : krb5-telnetd                   - Secure telnet server supporting MIT Kerberos                
    AptCache    : krb5-user                      - Basic programs to authenticate using MIT Kerberos           
    AptCache    : libalias-perl                  - Access perl variables through aliases                       
    AptCache    : libbusiness-onlinepayment-tcli - TrustCommerce backend for Business::OnlinePayment           
    AptCache    : libkadm1-kerberos4kth          - Kadm Libraries for Kerberos4 From KTH                       
    AptCache    : libkadm55                      - MIT Kerberos administration runtime libraries               
    AptCache    : libkafs0-kerberos4kth          - Afs Libraries for Kerberos4 From KTH                        
    AptCache    : libkdb-1-kerberos4kth          - Kerberos database libraries for Kerberos4 From KTH          
    AptCache    : libkeynote-dev                 - Decentralized Trust-Management system, development files    
    AptCache    : libkeynote0                    - Decentralized Trust-Management system, shared library       
    AptCache    : libkrb-1-kerberos4kth          - Kerberos Libraries for Kerberos4 From KTH                   
    AptCache    : libkrb5-dev                    - Headers and development libraries for MIT Kerberos          
    AptCache    : libkrb53                       - MIT Kerberos runtime libraries                              
    AptCache    : libkthacl1-kerberos4kth        - ACL Libraries for Kerberos4 From KTH                        
    AptCache    : libnet-tclink-perl             - Perl interface to the TrustCommerce payment gateway         
    AptCache    : libotp0-kerberos4kth           - Otp Libraries for Kerberos4 From KTH                        
    AptCache    : libroken16-kerberos4kth        - Roken Libraries for Kerberos4 From KTH                      
    AptCache    : libsl0-kerberos4kth            - Sl Libraries for Kerberos4 From KTH                         
    AptCache    : libss0-kerberos4kth            - SS Libraries for Kerberos4 From KTH                         
    AptCache    : lxdoom-svga                    - svgalib binary for lxdoom                                   
    AptCache    : madbomber                      - A Kaboom! clone                                             
    AptCache    : madbomber-data                 - Datafiles for madbomber                                     
    AptCache    : minimalist                     - a MINImalist MAiling LIST manager                           
    AptCache    : monotone                       - A distributed version (revision) control system             
    AptCache    : mountpy                        - script for quick mounting of removable devices              
    AptCache    : openssh-client                 - Secure shell client, an rlogin/rsh/rcp replacement          
    AptCache    : openssh-server                 - Secure shell server, an rshd replacement                    
    AptCache    : openswan                       - IPSEC utilities for Openswan                                
    AptCache    : pawserv                        - Cernlib's distributed PAW and file transfer servers         
    AptCache    : php4-kadm5                     - An extension to manage kerberos admin information           
    AptCache    : php4-tclink                    - TrustCommerce TCLink module for php4                        
    AptCache    : python-tclink                  - TrustCommerce credit card processing for Python [dummy package]
    AptCache    : python2.1-tclink               - TrustCommerce credit card processing for Python 2.1.x       
    AptCache    : python2.2-tclink               - TrustCommerce credit card processing for Python 2.2.x       
    AptCache    : python2.3-tclink               - TrustCommerce credit card processing for Python 2.3.x       
    AptCache    : razor                          - spam-catcher using a collaborative filtering network        
    AptCache    : scponly                        - Restricts the commands available to scp- and sftp-users     
    AptCache    : ssh-krb5                       - Secure rlogin/rsh/rcp replacement (OpenSSH with Kerberos)   
    AptCache    : timps                          - Transparent Instant Messaging Proxy Server                  
    AptCache    : trustedqsl                     - QSL log signing for the Logbook of the World (LoTW)         
    AptCache    : userv                          - `user services' - program call across trust boundaries      
    Freshmeat   : adamantix                      - A highly secure Linux platform.                             
    Freshmeat   : aegisvm                        - A lightweight, secure VM with pluggable verification modules.
    Freshmeat   : againsttcpa                    - A theme in opposition to TCPA.                              
    Freshmeat   : arnie                          - A simple system for incremental backups.                    
    Freshmeat   : articlemanager                 - Makes it easy for non-technical users to update Website articles.
    Freshmeat   : askemos                        - An intrustion resistant and incorruptible operating system. 
    Freshmeat   : autopkg_pl                     - A tool that generates Slackware packages from source tarballs, RPMs, and debs.
    Freshmeat   : bluecmd                        - Executes a command if a bluetooth device can be found or not.
    Freshmeat   : circle                         - Decentralized file sharing, instant messaging, and news.    
    Freshmeat   : covalentssl                    - 128-bit encryption for the Apache Web server.               
    Freshmeat   : dc3500                         - A Trust/Mustek DC-3500 console driver.                      
    Freshmeat   : dlp                            - A project to create a distributed library of books and videos.
    Freshmeat   : dnasystem                      - An open, flexible, realtime, network protocol analyzer.     
    Freshmeat   : dnbackup                       - Distributed network backup.                                 
    Freshmeat   : epicssl-irc                    - SSL support for the EPIC IRC client.                        
    Freshmeat   : fwup                           - Linux-2.2 ipchains firewall/NAPT/NAT administration.        
    Freshmeat   : getstatd                       - Statistics Daemon for Linux Systems                         
    Freshmeat   : gnukeyring                     - Store secret information securely on PalmOS handhelds.      
    Freshmeat   : hardscan                       - A brute-force local netstat replacement.                    
    Freshmeat   : horatio                        - A firewall authentication tool.                             
    Freshmeat   : iptablesscript                 - An IPtables firewalling script.                             
    Freshmeat   : ircmarkers                     - A program to place markers on maps at given coordinates.    
    Freshmeat   : itrustgpg                      - A tool to draw graphs of trust relationships in GPG/PGP keys.
    Freshmeat   : jchains                        - A Java Security Manager framework to record the permissions of applications.
    Freshmeat   : keynote                        - Provides a simple notation for specifying local security policies etc.
    Freshmeat   : keystory                       - An OpenPGP email signature history reporter.                
    Freshmeat   : kqlives                        - An old school RPG.                                          
    Freshmeat   : linuxmasqueraderlogpatch       - A patch that makes Linux 2.2 log all outgoing TCP masqueraded connections.
    Freshmeat   : linuxtrustees                  - An advanced file permission system for Linux                
    Freshmeat   : loaf                           - A way to share your address book without abandoning your privacy.
    Freshmeat   : mailscanner                    - An email virus scanner, vulnerability protector, and spam handler.
    Freshmeat   : matrixpn                       - A news broadcasting system with P2P.                        
    Freshmeat   : mojonation                     - A distributed filesystem with market-based resource allocation.
    Freshmeat   : mops_model_checking            - A program that checks temporal safety properties in C code. 
    Freshmeat   : murk                           - An rsync-friendly encryption tool.                          
    Freshmeat   : nacs                           - Provides untrusted computers access to your TCP/IP-based (v4) LAN/WAN.
    Freshmeat   : nrobot                         - An autonomous robot fighting game.                          
    Freshmeat   : nsbd                           - Not-So-Bad Distribution (automated free software distribution)
    Freshmeat   : parp                           - A Perl-based Anti-spam capable Replacement for Procmail.    
    Freshmeat   : pgpcodesigner                  - A creator of digitally signed Java code archives.           
    Freshmeat   : phptab                         - A simple Web application for tracking debt for a group of people.
    Freshmeat   : piss                           - A security system.                                          
    Freshmeat   : poco                           - A content management system for small-scale Web sites.      
    Freshmeat   : portecle                       - A GUI version of the command line keytool provided with the Java SDK.
    Freshmeat   : procwatch                      - A process creation monitor.                                 
    Freshmeat   : pspa                           - Network pseudo ACLs for Linux.                              
    Freshmeat   : ptptl                          - A security toolkit tailored to peer-to-peer applications.   
    Freshmeat   : pubcookie                      - A Web single sign-on package.                               
    Freshmeat   : rsync-backup                   - A program which automates secure encrypted backups using rsync and ssh.
    Freshmeat   : sbox-dtc                       - A CGI wrapper script for chrooted environment for hosting.  
    Freshmeat   : scs                            - A tool to help secure file sharing on insecure media.       
    Freshmeat   : securesyslog                   - Cryptographically secure system logging tool for UNIXsystems
    Freshmeat   : setov511                       - A tool to set up and configure ov511 chipset based Web cams.
    Freshmeat   : sfs                            - A secure, global network file system with decentralized control.
    Freshmeat   : sonix                          - A driver for Sonix SN9C102-based Webcam devices.            
    Freshmeat   : spamresponder                  - A simple and radical spam filter using DNS validation and challenge/response.
    Freshmeat   : ssh-keyserv                    - A simple key-distribution server for SSH.                   
    Freshmeat   : stealth                        - A stealthy file integrity checker.                          
    Freshmeat   : swup                           - The secure software updater.                                
    Freshmeat   : tclink                         - A client for running credit card transactions over TCP/IP.  
    Freshmeat   : texttemplate                   - Embed Perl code into text and HTML files.                   
    Freshmeat   : tinysofa                       - A secure server targeted enterprise grade operating system. 
    Freshmeat   : tl-convert                     - A String and Object converter.                              
    Freshmeat   : tl-launcher                    - A Java application launcher.                                
    Freshmeat   : tmda                           - A Python-based SPAM reduction system.                       
    Freshmeat   : tqsl                           - Tools for digitally signing Amateur Radio QSO (log) records 
    Freshmeat   : trousers                       - A Trusted Computing Software Stack (TSS).                   
    Freshmeat   : trusthnone                     - Theme Name      : Trusth No One. Author          : Ruben Perez  Description
    Freshmeat   : trustkey                       - A project to make very secure PDA software that links to your PC.
    Freshmeat   : trustudio                      - An IDE for PHP and Python built on the Eclipse platform.    
    Freshmeat   : tsl                            - A compact, server-targeted Linux distribution.              
    Freshmeat   : tupd                           - A daemon that reports uptime statistics via HTTP.           
    Freshmeat   : twhttpd                        - A secure HTTP proxy.                                        
    Freshmeat   : userv                          - Security boundary tool                                      
    Freshmeat   : valtz                          - A tool to validate tinydns-data (djbdns) zonefiles.         
    Freshmeat   : viruskiller                    - A shoot 'em up that uses your file system.                  
    Freshmeat   : w2u                            - A tool for fixing badly-formatted file trees from Windows systems.
    Freshmeat   : wbmtrustees                    - A Webmin module for Linux Trustees ACLs.                    
    Freshmeat   : whoson                         - WHO iS ONline.                                              
    Freshmeat   : wot                            - Diagraph generation from an OpenPGP Web of trust.           
    Freshmeat   : wotsap                         - A tool for graphing the OpenPGP Web of Trust.               
    Freshmeat   : wumpus                         - A set of scripts to mirror a multi-user Web site.           
    Freshmeat   : xotmid                         - Content management, Networked Profile and boards            
    Freshmeat   : yapak                          - A restartable multi-file piping tool with on-the-fly encryption.
    LSM         : Linux System Administrators' G - An ALPHA version ("trust this and die") of the Linux        
    LSM         : autologin-0.00                 - autologin consists of 2 modified packages (login and rlogind)
    LSM         : cruft - a replacement for the  - Linux and other free UNIX systems often ship with the 'crypt'
    Sourceforge : accgenx                        - AccGenX is a full-featured Accounting project for  Linux. Using PostgreSQL as its base, it is fully 
    Sourceforge : admctrl                        - AUTHd: Admission control daemon is a system aiming to provide authentication and authorisation servi
    Sourceforge : aiakos                         - Aiakos is a suite of software components that together provide a collaborative Single-Signon System 
    Sourceforge : antitrust                      - Antitrust - workplace monitoring software appliance         
    Sourceforge : avocado                        - Avocado is a Java and PHP port of the trust metrics algorithm behind advogato.org, with a new data m
    Sourceforge : bsdaemon                       - BSD-Like Unix System with Security focus.  This uses TrustedBSD project, but in OpenBSD platform.
    Sourceforge : bulletproof                    - This program allows you to establish cryptographically secure and decentraliced conversations over u
    Sourceforge : burnbabyburn                   - A Linux platform game loosly related to the current Microsoft Antitrust Court Case.  After the appea
    Sourceforge : cl4others                      - To create an implementation of Novell ClientTrust for Linux and Mac OS-X
    Sourceforge : climbatree                     - A Common Lisp version of advogato's trust metric.      
    Sourceforge : csc                            - Designed for universities, this web application helps a community to become more self-sustaining, al
    Sourceforge : darwinproject                  - Darwin Project is a new based-experience RTS game in 3D. Developped by a French team in Paris, this 
    Sourceforge : debian-trusted                 - debian-trusted is a hardened linux-distribution based on debian. all packages will be compiled with 
    Sourceforge : dhvani                         - dhvani - A Text-to-Speech System for Indian Languages developed by the Simputer Trust developers and
    Sourceforge : emlvoting                      - Public open source project for OASIS Election Markup Language (EML) voting solutions with trusted lo
    Sourceforge : emscan                         - A virus scanner for VPOP3 - a Windows mail server which includes a hook for an 'external router
    Sourceforge : esig                           - This is an open-source implementation of Elegitimizer.com's "elegitisigner" specifica
    Sourceforge : fanrep                         - Fanrep is a community reputation management and trust metric system that is intended to track user p
    Sourceforge : firejail                       - A firewall Jail to protect corporate networks from hacking within.  This system provides a Jail in w
    Sourceforge : fling                          - Fling will be a small suite of network protocols that perform functions analogous to TCP, UDP, and D
    Sourceforge : fluidos                        - Fluid is built from scratch with security, stability, scalability, modularity, effeciency of use and
    Sourceforge : freedomshope                   - This will be an MMORP game, designed to utilize open source as a means to both allow players to coll
    Sourceforge : freepki                        - The FreePKI project aims to create practical, interoperable & free code and services for Certifi
    Sourceforge : friendshare                    - FriendShare is a private and anonymous "friend to friend" P2P based on Napshare. Only peop
    Sourceforge : fusetrustees                   - FUSETrustees is a FUSE-based (http://fuse.sourceforge.net/) implementation of the Linux Trustees mod
    Sourceforge : galet                          - Galet is a peer-to-peer program aiming to provide easy to setup, secure communications between the c
    Sourceforge : gapshap                        - A simple to set up Chat server/client suite for small groups on a trusted network.
    Sourceforge : gpgman                         - GPGMan is a small collection of scripts written in different programming-languages helping you to ma
    Sourceforge : greatwall                      - A very simple Linux firewall scripts designed for home users/small office users.  Requires Linux ker
    Sourceforge : gsqlite                        - gSqlite is an open-source graphic frontend for SQLite, and is written in JAVA. gSqlite maintains met
    Sourceforge : hearsay                        - Hearsay is a simple p2p IM framework for trust and reputation tracking.  It is written in Java and c
    Sourceforge : idcheck                        - Cookie based web authentication and single sign on system for largish intranets under a single domai
    Sourceforge : idel                           - Idel is a lightweight virtual machine for safely running untrusted code.  One currently-working appl
    Sourceforge : impostor                       - A web proxy that provides Single Sign-On (SSO) into websites in a manner that protects your password
    Sourceforge : j4p5                           - A JavaScript interpreter written in PHP 5, that allows to run untrusted scripts in a sandbox on your
    Sourceforge : javakeymanager                 - Java-based PGP keyking manager with SSL web-of-trust authentication Java library
    Sourceforge : jchains                        - jChains is a custom Java Security Manager framework that records the permissions needed for an appli
    Sourceforge : jhttp2                         - jHTTPp2 is a very small, java based HTTP/1.1 proxy server. It offers following features: high-perfor
    Sourceforge : joy-xmms                       - Yet another plugin to allow you to control XMMS.  This one lets you use a joystick/joypad.  It will 
    Sourceforge : junto                          - Junto is a Java-based peer-to-peer framework which allows using, simulating, and testing different t
    Sourceforge : keystory                       - keystory, by analyzing email history, gathers data on the usage of OpenPGP signatures, and provides 
    Sourceforge : larp-eventmngr                 - A databse to assist logistics and bookings, for an event based in the Lorien Trust's Live Actio
    Sourceforge : ldapauth                       - The purpose of this project is to provide an open-source implementation of an application authentica
    Sourceforge : ldapca                         - ldapca is a online Open Certificate Authority that enables you to obtain email certificates and serv
    Sourceforge : mies                           - The WYMIWYG meta information exchange system (mies) allows you to add and retrieve comments, notes, 
    Sourceforge : move2ingres                    - Migration tools for moving database schema, database data and application logic from a variety of re
    Sourceforge : murk                           - Rsync friendly encryption that runs on the UNIX command line. Encrypt a file and backup the changes 
    Sourceforge : myproxygui                     - MyProxyGUI is a new Java Applet/Standalone solution to remotely delegate a X.509 Proxy Certificate o
    Sourceforge : navl                           - A strictly Non Anonymous Voting tooL for online polls and decision making for online and offline com
    Sourceforge : ncrypto                        - Fully managed classes that wraps the common primitives of the .NET Framework Cryptography and DPAPI 
    Sourceforge : newsmanplus                    - News Management Plus is an advanced and news posting and management system.  It comes with sub-admin
    Sourceforge : newvision                      - The goal of the New Vision Bankruptcy package is to collect and retain debtor information, produce b
    Sourceforge : ntpauditor                     - Linux-Based application that make periodic pools to NTP servers, objectifying the definition of what
    Sourceforge : onlinedp                       - An online form of diplomacy that emphasizes the social nature of the game through treaties, orgainza
    Sourceforge : openbrr                        - OpenBRR is an initiative to create an open and standard framework for software assessment process. W
    Sourceforge : opensst                        - OpenSST (Open Simple Secure Transaction) is a project to create a simple security protocol for makin
    Sourceforge : opentss                        - The devleopment of an opensource Trusted Computing Group TSS (Trusted Computing Software Stack) writ
    Sourceforge : orgster                        - Trusted peer to peer client.  Supports a trusted peer group context for identity, rating, categoriza
    Sourceforge : peeragent                      - Peer Agent is a system that enable a group of users to carry out automated complex interaction via e
    Sourceforge : peertrust                      - The PeerTrust system uses policies to describe trust and security requirements. Such policies are a 
    Sourceforge : phim                           - Phim (standing for "Phi Messenger") is an(other) IM protocol, which is designed to avoid u
    Sourceforge : php-autobill                   - Independent Contractor\\\\\\\'s automatic billing system.  via TrustCommerce Merchant Gateway.
    Sourceforge : php-website                    - A website for an association which promotes indian talent and is also a charitable trust registered 
    Sourceforge : phpgeoorder                    - phpGeoOrder is an php ordering system for Geotrust Quick Order API
    Sourceforge : pluggedout-cms                 - "PluggedOut CMS" - flexible and powerful content management system for PHP/MySQL based sys
    Sourceforge : pmx                            - PMX is hybridly distributed chat & messaging server program. It will allow sending messages, rec
    Sourceforge : primrose                       - A trust-based file sharing system.                          
    Sourceforge : ptptl                          - The Peer-to-Peer Trusted Library is a software security toolkit tailored for the creation of P2P app
    Sourceforge : pykeylogger                    - A simple keylogger written in python. It is primarily designed for personal backup purposes, rather 
    Sourceforge : pymmetry                       - Python Trust Metrics.  Implementation of Ford-Faulkersson Maximum Flow algorithm and mod_virgule&#03
    Sourceforge : qare                           - An Experimental Platform for Secure Peer Services, QARE uses a decentralized trust model, a Public K
    Sourceforge : qbounce                        - A multi-user IRC bouncer with IPv6 & SSL support for Unix & Windows. Also included is a cust
    Sourceforge : ripple                         - P2P decentralized payment through mutual credit trust networks
    Sourceforge : rtables                        - rTables was written primarally for security reasons and it's main purpose is firewalling. The t
    Sourceforge : rute                           - The reliable unix trust environment intends to build a framework for unix services. It allow's 
    Sourceforge : samp                           - The NextJ Synchronous-Asynchronous Messaging Protocol (SAMP) Server is a secure, reliable and scalab
    Sourceforge : securekey                      - Secure Key is an uncrackable security mechanism that minimizes trust given to stored keys, and obfus
    Sourceforge : shks                           - ssh host keyserver: extends the pgp web of trust to ssh host keys.
    Sourceforge : smoketorrent                   - SmokeTorrent enhances the original bittorrent concept by providing distributed peer to peer sharing,
    Sourceforge : softpot                        - SoftwarePot is an encapsulated transferable file system for secure software circulation.  SoftwarePo
    Sourceforge : sosume                         - A P2P application to share files between known individuals. A trusted party can add, edit, delete th
    Sourceforge : sure                           - SURE is a Secure Universal Reputation Environment. It is intended to automate reputation and trust m
    Sourceforge : swingmapper                    - SwingMapper allows to simplify the construction of forms by mapping Swing component to POJO properti
    Sourceforge : taint                          - taint is an implementation of the WASTE p2p client that focuses on cross platform capability with a 
    Sourceforge : tmtagger                       - Trust Me Tagger is a simple C++.net utility for Windows.  It rewrites ID3 information in MP3 files b
    Sourceforge : tot                            - TOT ("tree of trust") is a simple distributed database with a hierarchical trust system, w
    Sourceforge : tp2p                           - Effort to build a trustworthy, reliable P2P system/protocol for mission-critical data and transactio
    Sourceforge : trost                          - The TROST Project creates Templates for Raising Open-System Trustworthiness.  The templates comprise
    Sourceforge : trust                          - "A cloud does not know why it moves in just such a direction and at such a speed. It feels an i
    Sourceforge : trust-forum                    - A system of public and private web forums, to run with global login in network, that aims to replace
    Sourceforge : trustchains                    - This is a more scalable version of trust circles, each user (A) is able to rate others. For a user t
    Sourceforge : trustcom                       - NULL                                                        
    Sourceforge : trustcrm                       - A CRM module for DotNetNuke.                                
    Sourceforge : trusteddarwin                  - NULL                                                        
    Sourceforge : trustedpickle                  - TrustedPickle is a Python module which lets you create and sign your data files. By using public/pri
    Sourceforge : trustedpypg                    - Trusted Python server side packages on Postgresql           
    Sourceforge : trustees                       - Trustees is a recursive ACL scheme for the Linux 2.6 kernel's Linux Security Module(LSM) framew
    Sourceforge : trustidportal                  - Portal^Trust                                                
    Sourceforge : trustmaster                    - TrustMaster is a financial application designed to manage trust deferrable expenses. TrustMaster is 
    Sourceforge : trustnet                       - TrustNet is a way to share trust applied to firewalls. Each port have a trust level(TL) required. En
    Sourceforge : trustsmart                     - A testbed for analysis the impacts of relationship identification on the evaluation of agents trustw
    Sourceforge : trustudio                      - Set of plugins based on Eclipse and xored::TruStudio IDE for PHP, Python, and ECMAScript development
    Sourceforge : trustusbta                     - Linux driver for Trust ISDN USB terminal adapter            
    Sourceforge : trustykeychain                 - Trusty Keychain is a Java-based password manager program.   
    Sourceforge : tur                            - A place where Archlinux\'s Trusted Users can manage their own package repositories.
    Sourceforge : ubimarks                       - Annotea Ubimarks is an application of Annotea shared bookmarks in Mozilla. It helps users to easily 
    Sourceforge : unityca                        - UnityCA is a Certificate Authority "front end" based on the Community-Oriented CA (COCA) m
    Sourceforge : vitello                        - A private (invitation only) network client and server to provide file-sharing and communications.  Y
    Sourceforge : wowse                          - Wide Open Windows Signed Execute is a mechanism by which an unprivileged user may execute a cryptogr
    Sourceforge : xmltrust                       - XML Trust is a set of Java APIs for performing XML Signature, XML Encryption and other XML security 
    Sourceforge : xotmid                         - Xotmid is a web-content system: that sports a Trusted Network which allows multiple sites to share b
    Sourceforge : xsupervisor                    - The X Supervisor Extension is a patch for the popular XFree86 X server to make X11 forwarding with o