• digilib is a digital library system. We intend on using one of the standard ones: Eprints, GreenStone, or Dspace to provide the underlying functionality. In the mean time, we are using kbfs and some custom scripts.

    It provides services to many useful systems. This includes clear, Ebooks, and Textbook Knowledge Formation.

    It provides software which searches online sources of the book before we scan it, which also calculates, based on perceived utility of the book, whether it should be scanned, or if it can be found for cheaper (Gutenberg, ACM, etc.). Included in this calculation for instance is the cost of the book if we are to destroy it. This will all relate to the purchasing end of the project. That end is what I should be working on right now.

    As with all project systems and data, it uses the license management system to ensure full compliance with legal obligations.