Brief: FRDCSA Programming Language
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  • FRDCSAL consists of a programming language almost entirely on natural language. The system grows as it tries to interpret "programs" of the extension .ai. The EBNF of the language is: Text := sigma star Function := {Predicate} '(' {Text} ')' Predicate := {Text} The semantics are almost those of natural language. There is no central cohesion to the semantics. The executor is written in a combination of frdcsal and Perl. A translation memory is kept between frdcsal and Perl, and whenever the system cannot adequately execute code, it asks the programmer supervisor to resolve the problem by either deciding the case (through argument if necessary) or drafting more code to implement that. Needless to say the code is, um, self-documenting, hehe. The obvious application is that as functionality is added to the system, it will be able to parse almost arbitrary data to assist it in its search. The way in which the executor is developed, based on techniques for interpretation rooted in the hard science of the programming gives it its tremendous power. .ai files can include Perl for simplicity.