Brief: HCI-based task management, cognitive prosthesis
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  • Manager has evolved to be a central component in the FRDCSA design, although it isn't yet operational.

    Communication with other systems involves: carrying on dialogs with the user (Audience) to accomplish tasks (PSE) via plans (Verber) and other planning modules (BusRoute / Event-System / Meeting / etc). However, it must know certain things about the user's habits (RSR), preferences (CRITIC), background knowledge (CLEAR), and environment (PhysicalSecurity / Machiavelli), in order to synthesize coherent schedules.

    Here is a sample of the presence detection system in action:

    	Broadcast, person has arrived at 20050109211125
    	Broadcast, person has departed at 20050109211131
    	Broadcast, person has arrived at 20050109211141
    	Broadcast, person has departed at 20050109211206
    	Broadcast, person has arrived at 20050109211208
    	Broadcast, person has departed at 20050109211351
    	Broadcast, person has arrived at 20050109211404

    It will therefore autonomously execute certain actions: for instance, briefing the user on destination and safety before driving, tasks upon waking up, initiating sleep learning, reminding the user to perform basic chores when appropriate, frequent hand exercise, bathroom and sleep breaks, keep a polyphasic sleep schedule,

    It derives much, conceptually, from the Friday and Electric Elves system from ISI, as well as many other awareness systems. Currently, it interacts heavily with MKAS, and in the future will provide capabilities to SVRE.

    To quote a rather illicit source as read to me by CLEAR: The Magician must therefore take the utmost care in the matter of purification, "firstly", of himself, "secondly", of his instruments, "thirdly", of the place of working. Ancient Magicians recommended a preliminary purification of from three days to many months. During this period of training they took the utmost pains with diet. They avoided animal food, lest the elemental spirit of the animal should get into their atmosphere. They practised sexual abstinence, lest they should be influenced in any way by the spirit of the wife. Even in regard to the excrements of the body they were equally careful; in trimming the hair and nails, they ceremonially destroyed the severed portion. They fasted, so that the body itself might destroy anything extraneous to the bare necessity of its existence. They purified the mind by special prayers and conservations. They avoided the contamination of social intercourse, especially the conjugal kind; and their servitors were disciples specially chosen and consecrated for the work.