Brief: Customs, only lets the light in
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  • This quarantine will ensure that all information on the computer is clean and pure, is not illegally obtained, etc. Furthermore, it will index and rate the quantity and information obtained, and work with clear to model what the user has access to as a result of this in terms of the algebraic closure of admitting said information into the domain of discourse/mind. Patterns in contexts will explore the information and its utility. The idea for sanctus (which means holy, and gets its name from the piece from Bach's Mass in B Minor) is the result of converging lines of inquery, into classification systems, security systems, and a desire to eliminate negative imagery like pornography from the computer's space. It takes a very cautious view, as to what information is pure. I suppose it employs theorem proving? I am very concerned with this point, as things take place on the computer. I am concerned with the way the system is evolving. Need some sort of method of clearing the brain of certain thoughts.