Affordance Interface

Brief: Quickly list affordances (uses) of a particular object or type
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  • This is an emacs interface which queries the KNext parse of the British National corpus in order to quickly list actions, facts, etc that can apply to that particular object or type. For instance, when querying the type "car", here are some representative examples of the kinds of items returned: does-approach does-arrive does-belong-to-someone does-break_down does-come-to-a-halt does-crash does-drive_off does-move does-pull_up does-run does-slow does-start does-stop does-undergo-a-delivery does-undergo-a-purchase does-undergo-a-theft does-undergo-a-use does-wait has-a-back has-a-boot has-a-door has-a-driver has-a-floor has-a-front has-a-length has-a-rear has-a-roof has-a-seat has-a-side has-a-sound has-a-top has-a-value has-a-wheel has-a-window has-a-windscreen has-a-wreckage has-an-end has-an-engine has-an-interior has-an-owner has-control has-headlights has-wheels is-armoured is-beautiful is-black is-broken-down is-clamped is-competitive is-damaged is-dark is-driven is-found is-heavy is-hired is-in-a-country is-in-a-garage is-in-a-road is-in-an-area is-in-front is-in-the-world is-nice is-on-a-road is-on-fire is-oncoming is-open is-parked is-powerful is-red is-secondhand is-seen is-serviced is-stolen is-stopped is-unmarked is-white is-yellow