Brief: Distributed human teams for question answering
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  • An automatic brainstorming [agent] that distributes a question you ask to multiple people and aggregates the results and uses other people to check them... [gutenphrack (Jan 2004)] The obvious question is in which way does this differ from things like forums, issue-trackers, bug-trackers, FAQs, etc. I would imagine it would work more like a messaging service, perhaps on an agent architecture, and would have a formal syntax like KQML or Prolog, and be designed to get answers as quickly as possible from a knowledge based system that automatically handled minor requests and failed to contacting people with matching abilities listed in their capabilities, and then sought verification, and defaulted from there on. Thus it depends a great deal on formal modelling of users in many disparate contexts and hence abstractly on a number of other packages. The most obvious implementations to me would be OAA, Electric Elves, and/or Retsina agents.