Brief: Tech collective concept where members rotate between work and research
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Related Systems: lePeleton

  • Tech collective where people rotate who works so the others in the collective can work on their projects. Say you have 2-3 people working full time who send checks to the collective which supports the others, then when their work time is up or what not, they have credits or something to apply towards their project time, at which point in time others who are working will help them cover their bills. We use something like financial planner to minimize expenses for people, to something feasible. We save, then when someone's project is monetized, they contribute some portion back to the collective. Similar to a peleton drafting - some people pull (by working), others draft (work on their projects, get rejuvinated, and then can do another pull period). The group helps place people in new jobs using job-search or something. Anyway collectives usually fail, but it's worth a thought to try to help people collaborate to have time to work on their projects.