Execution Engine

Brief: A system to monitor and proxy users' computer usage
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Related Systems: action-system

Code: GitHub

  • The Execution Engine has for instance a tool that watches over one's shoulder to see the commands they are executing, and prompts them regarding whether they really intend to execute it, or whether a particular situation that triggers other actions has come up. For instance, if you are rushing, it prompts you to slow down. Ideally it will eventually use prolog-agent to determine the consequences of shell-commands, and trigger on anything potentially harmful and bring it to the user's attention. Also will try to implement plan recognition so that Execution Engine can help detect and achieve good goals and detect and block bad goals. What is good and bad is a question worth looking into, but a simplistic notion for now might be something like, don't delete files for which the particular file(s) is the only known copy. Just general sanity. It's capabilities are not limited merely to interceding as needed, however. Will list more capabilities soon. Supersedes the action-system project.