Brief: Attempt to release/partially fork FRDCSA
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  • This is an attempt to release/partially fork the FRDCSA. It works by copying all the perl code and scripts to a new directory structure. These files are then vetted for license compliance. Then, tests are made to run the files to see if they still perform as desired. Files are judiciously copied over as needed, licensing permitting. The license for all files is made clear. Installers via CPAN and Debian, plus others, are created and the code is installed. This includes a CPAN installer for the myfrdcsa-1.1 itself. Tests are run in vms that are deployed to test the distribution, for different operating systems. Stuff is expected to not be in a perfectly working state. It should be backwards compatible for the most part with myfrdcsa-1.0. It will be the first release of the FRDCSA.