Panoply Release Manager

  • We have been trying to release the FRDCSA project almost from the start, however, it just hasn't gotten done. The first method thought of was to make Debian packages of the FRDCSA using the task1 system, which was accomplished but didn't fully resolve the issue. Secondly we focused on building CPAN releases of the modules, which met a similar fate. Then we began building a VM distribution. Since the ai attempts to increase its own completeness, a fitting image of that completeness is rendered by the term "Panoply". So the VM distribution took on that name. Despite some setbacks we now have a better build system for the VM. The latest attempt to release the FRDCSA has involved the manual scrubbing of important minor and internal codebases and subsequent release to GitHub. The next step with the GitHub strategy is to then pull all these repos in and build the Panoply-GitHub release, which will be the Public version of the Panoply GNU+Linux system until scrubber and kbfs are working well enough to take over.