Recommender System

Brief: System to recommend information to the user based on info it already knows
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  • This is a recommender system which works with the Free Life planner to make good suggestions to the user based on what it already knows about the user. For instance, if you have a certain political belief and you are about to buy something from a company that opposes your belief, you'd be warned. Also, it tries to proactively find out information about the user and recommend things to help their life situation. Example I've used before is if it asks you and determines that you have pets, in particular, cats, and that you are trying to save money, it would recommend to purchase cat Litter from the Dollar Tree store where there are currently large bags of it for merely a dollar. If the person had children, it would advise them differently based on this information. The Recommender system gets its data from crowd sourcing and it's own readings. It is intended to be the first alexa Skill we release as a test bed of the certification process and to eventually drive users to the website.