System Iterator

Brief: Iterate over lists of systems and download, package and upload the result.
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  • system-iterator is a (rather weak) play on words. It's mission is to iterate over FLOSSMole, or rather cso, sets of packages, perhaps using information such as auto tagged debtags or other resources from folksonomy, and download and package the various systems automatically, using all the various toolchains in existence such as auto-packager, etc. It's a play on words because in one sense, we are iterating over lists of systems and packaging them (yes it should be able to accept lists of systems as input, such as from vger and package-priority-queue). But in another sense, each time we package a system, we are developing a new iteration of the sequence of increasingly complete FRDCSA supersystems. It differs from vger in that it doesn't seek out software through focused crawling, but iterates over known software. It is similar to but more general than game-time.