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Brief: Capability based CSO system search
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  • Here are some sample purposes that seed the search.
    $VAR1 = {
              '1' => '',
              '0' => '',
              '2' => 'NetOwl Extractor is an automatic indexing system that finds and classifies key phrases in text, such as personal names, corporate names, place names, dates, and monetary expressions. NetOwl Extractor finds all mentions of a name and links names that refer to the same entity together. NetOwl Extractor combines dynamic recognition with static look-up to achieve high accuracy and coverage at very high speed. NetOwl Extractor is based on advanced computational linguistic and natural language processing technology. By intelligently analyzing structure and context within text, NetOwl accurately identifies key information.'
     0 Sourceforge::b-calculus 4872.006
            sn  b calculus ln  The b calculus assistant sd   ld  The b calculus
            musical analysis assistant and data miner
     1 Sourceforge::web-calculus 4060.005 sn: web-calculus ln: web-calculus sd:  ld: The web-calculus is a web services de
     2 Freshmeat::27568 3360.004 sn: lazy-l      ln: Lazy-L      sd: An interpreter for lambda calculus.      ld:
     3 Sourceforge::piet 3248.004 sn: piet ln: PiET: Pi Calculus Equivalences Tester sd:  ld: PiET is a verificati
     4 GoogleCode::numeric-calculus 3248.004 sn: numeric-calculus ld:   Implementation of some of the theories related to
     5 Sourceforge::redboard 3248.004 sn: redboard ln: Orangeboard Lambda Calculus Interpreter sd:  ld: A simple .NET/
     6 Github::Math-Calculus-TaylorSeries 3007.411 sn: Math-Calculus-TaylorSeries ld:
     7 Github::Math-Calculus-TaylorEquivalent 2952.731 sn: Math-Calculus-TaylorEquivalent ld:
     8 Github::Math-Calculus-Differentiate 2952.731 sn: Math-Calculus-Differentiate ld:
     9 Github::Bundle-Math-Calculus 2952.731 sn: Bundle-Math-Calculus ld:
     10 Freshmeat::20466 2952.731 sn: church      ln: Python lambda calculus module      sd: A simple but full-fea
     11 Github::Math-Calculus-Expression 2952.731 sn: Math-Calculus-Expression ld:
     12 Sourceforge::decreasoner 2952.731 sn: decreasoner ln: Discrete Event Calculus Reasoner sd:  ld: The Discrete Event
     13 Sourceforge::icprover 2952.731 sn: icprover ln: Intercalation Calculus Prover sd:  ld: An ML-based automated th
     14 Github::Math-Calculus-NewtonRaphson 2952.731 sn: Math-Calculus-NewtonRaphson ld:
     15 GoogleCode::hacwb 2706.670 sn: hacwb ld:   Haskell libraries for manipulation of ccs and pi-calculus pro
     16 Freshmeat::67398 2598.403 sn: vdec      ln: vDEC      sd: A discrete exterior calculus and geometry proces
     17 GoogleCode::scalina 2564.214 sn: scalina ld:   Scalina is a calculus that models a core subset of Scala, u
     18 Github::Sequent-Calculus 2547.454 sn: Sequent-Calculus ld:
     19 Freshmeat::67845 2498.465 sn: lambdacan      ln: LambdaCan      sd: A small Lambda Calculus reducer.
     20 Github::dual-calculus 2405.929 sn: dual-calculus ld:
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