Brief: Effort to develop the definitive text on the FRDCSA
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  • To quote from Zlatan's description of the contents of the book:
          The first thing that comes to mind as far as having a proper structure
          and layout for the FRDCSA book, is to have a properly written
          introduction. What I was thinking in the first place was as follows:
          * The book should be divided into two main parts.
          * The first part containing technical and non-technical
          introductions, goals of the project, importance of the project,
          technical concept descriptions, technical system diagrams,
          technical project structure, and ofcourse the introduction should
          have information about the author of the system, yourself.
          * The second part of the book contains the practical use of the
          FRDCSA system, from its use on the command line, and getting
          practical things done with it, technical tutorials, to describing
          of how the system works internally, in order to better encourage
          those interested to contribute to the project. Not to forget how
          to present to the user how to setup the system on their own server
          step-by-step. (this always worked well for reader like myself,
          once I'm given a good introduction, system diagrams, and all what
          I mentioned above, it encourages me and certainly gives enough
          good starting information to get involved in a project for which I
          never knew how it worked).
          * So, always remember, the book has to be to the point, and not a
          bunch of little code snippets, information snippets, fragmented
          system diagrams, etc. Information needs to be presented in, as I
          would call it "digestible and delicious chunks".
          o Needs to contain practical information, as I mentioned,
          system diagrams, good introductions (both technical and
          non-technical), concepts descriptions, not too many abstract
          descriptions as shown on the website, etc.
          o The book must have little abstract information, most of it
          just has to be to the point.
          o Has to have user-friendly technical tutorials such as
          setting up the system on your own server, interfacing to the
          system, doing cool or useful things with the system, etc.
          * The practicality approach is what encourages users/developers who
          either just heard of FRDCSA, or never heard of it at all, to
          actually start using the system as soon as possible without the
          frustration of simply going to your website, seeing all of the
          abstract information, and then as a result getting frustrated and
          never coming back again.