Brief: Text browsing assistant via modular proxy
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  • alleyoop is a per user modular proxy that takes information from many of the FRDCSA systems and agents and integrates the results into more featureful browsing. This is done using browing modules, examples described below. Should have a configuration page for modules, use diamond there.

    all alleyoop module highlights concepts and terminology it thinks the user is unfamiliar (by consulting CLEARs record of what the user has read, and by estimating what a person of a given age and background already knows, and by noticing what the user doesn't search after (paying attention to the possibility that it is merely lack of interest)) all the factors are judged, as well as the last time the person is known to have investigated the concept and how many subconcepts they investigated.

    clear alleyoop module stores what the user is reading for later analysis, careful to note that without an eye tracking it cannot determine the exact items read, but by analyzing links it can build a probabilistic model.

    study should highlight areas of interest and offer paths through the reading that are consistent with the users pedagogical objectives.

    radar should offer links to package a given piece of software.

    sanctus should do its thing with replacing images with Angels, and blocking content using dansguardian.

    adzapper should work as intended.

    all should highlight unknown words and make use of the information.

    Spam should eliminate spammy messages.

    reasonbase should apply argument markup and annotate common fallacies, etc.