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  • The architect is the next logical step of the RADAR/Packager tool chain. RADAR is a tool for automatically finding software. Packager is a tool for automatically packaging software. Now, architect is a tool for automatically applying software - that is, for planning on how the functionality of a given piece of software could be automatically applied to a certain problem domain. For instance, it seems fairly evident that we should have Q/A technology working with man pages (like the umich demonstration). Architect would be challenged with recording or discovering this application and for semi-automatically applying it. So architect is obviously the fulfillment of the initial charge to "Cluster (radar), study (packager) and Apply (architect)".

    How does architect work? Well, it is a rather large problem domain, but as usual we only intend to make headway towards the problem - only enough headway that leads us to either a better solution on our own or until we find a research solution.

    But, here is some thinking. Based on functionality, etc, as well as theorem proving capabilities, architect can plot out potential applications and generate NL summaries of these applications. The user can then initiate new focused studies or review existing plans, much like the corresponding methods in radar.

    When a plan is approved architect creates plans to assemble the necessary components for the newly envisioned system. It thus naturally interfaces with functionality of boss in creating and managing new projects.