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  • Since this description was last modified there have been major additions to the audience system. The primary system is an IMAP client that is able to read mail and queue actions based on programmatic responses to the mail. The reasoning and usability behind this is still at a primitive state but I've written a set of filters (actually belonging to the antispam-console system but should be refactored into audience). At any rate it is interesting because the system is now at a more advanced state. I suppose it would not hurt to allow encryption of these email messages.

    audience indirectly implements a system to communicate anonymously for people who are in need of maintaining contact but screening communications. This functions not only over the network, but also for other communication media, such as person to person. A temporary system of ACLs giving permission to participate in certain events is used. In the future, permission will be inferred from a KB through Machiavelli.

    Network technologies involved are a web based chat server, freenet, and a freenet chat and mail system from, as well as a screen for derogatory/hate/negative communications, and an interface to the unilang system.

    This IM client is now operational and integrated with unilang. We still are adding features to this client rather than just starting it running now.

    Currently, audience uses a custom system called Diplomat to guide behaviour intelligently. Diplomat uses Tabari to code audience communications into event categories. Then an appropriate response is generated. For instance, if the user is insulted, this event is coded (and logged to the event-system). Diplomat then employs planning wrt goals and social rules to determine an appropriate response, currently only using a simple state transition table, whereas in the future we might use ai adversarial planning tools. An appropriate response is selected and generated, and in this example, that would be to demand an apology. If this failed, relations would be reduced and if that failed diplomatic relations would be ended. Diplomat may probably end up as either its own system or in Machiavelli rather than audience.

    Here is a sample of event types taken from Tabari: Accuse, agree future act, agree, apologize, approve, arrest person, ask information, ask material aid, ask policy aid, assure, break dipl relat, call for, cancel event, comment, consult, criticize, cut aid, cut routine act, decline comment, demand, demonstrate, denigrate, deny accusation, deny action, deny, discard, endorse, expel group, expel personnel, expel, explain position, extend econ aid, extend mil aid, force, formal protest, give other assist, grant asylum, grant privilege, grant, halt negotiation, make agreement, make complaint, meet, mil engagement, military demo, neutral comment, noninjury destr, nonmil demo, nonmil destr, nonmil threat, offer proposal, optimist comment, pessimist comment, plead, praise, prom material support, prom other support, prom policy support, promise, propose, protest, receive, reduce relations, refuse, reject, release, request, retract, retreat, reward, seize possession, seize, specif threat, state invitation, surrender, threaten, truce, turn down, ultimatum, unspecif threat, urge, visit, warn, and yield.

    Another aspect of audience will be an intelligent communication proxy, that will actually communicate with the user to give them the impression of conversation. Language models will be produced from my writings and chat logs to interact with a yet to be determined authenticated chat bot/dialog system (most likely a hybrid unilang agent).

    Note that, far from being a deceptive device, this agent will allow phenomenal improvements in socialization. For instance, people equipped with myfrdcsa can let their agents interact autonomously with other people's agents, and their agents can engage in a complex dialog respecting both users interests and privacy. In this way, one would not have to constantly go through the mundane process of becoming aquainted with other people and their BDIs. Rather, the most important concepts would be forwarded.

    Also, their agents can autonomously "spider" the social network by asking for referrals and references by other agents. This will in effect unite the myfrdcsa together in a collective format that will result in immense improvements in capabilities. Furthermore, with trust-based knowledge sharing clients, combined with Clairvoyance for instance, users will rapidly become experts in all fields they are interested in. This is the mutual power goal that we are interested in. We are interested in maximizing everyone's capabilities rather than capitalizing on people's weaknesses for personal gain.

    Last but not least, it should be a proxy for communications to the outside world, for instance, for brainstorm - so that source identity is not revealed to parties who may reveal it to aggressors.