Brief: Project web visualization software
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  • The FRDCSA project website has unique needs and therefore we have written its own CMS, which provides users with a custom view of the FRDCSA content. Currently, it provides references to most focal areas of development: theory, projects, internal and external codebases, and packages.

    Future development will include providing much more dynamic content through the use of an FLOSS CMS, or possibly Gforge. We want to compile informative reports like most complex project, etc, based on project metrics; have "Public high level goals" stated clearly in front (based on output from pse, Machiavelli); put manuals in the papers sections of the project homepages; provide a neat interface to kbfs and clear; comment on the state of artifacts: rough draft, nearly complete; and generally speaking provide any actual files that are copied over should have metadata options around their links.