Brief: Practically invulnerable defensive security
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  • If you can write a document describing the system, then you are a good way towards organizing its behaviour. Setanta integrates most of the normal administrative tasks of our ISP into a closed loop, rapid response system. It consists of multiple components. We are going to focus on important services so that they are actually accomplished. IPS (Intrusion Prevention system) and IDS (Intrusion Detection system). These systems are responsible for integrating various network information sources into a picture that can be composed by our systems. Using audience and RT, these systems communicate with clients as to the security situation. This is the onGuard portal. A network map exists which is under the protection of the IPS, a system responsible for defending the network against. This system is a purely defensive system - designed to work in combination with others to promote common defense. Some of the technologies that I am envisioning for this system include formalization of various ancient real-world physical security protocols, combination theorem-prover with minimax engine for defense reasoning, A.I. plan recognition. Domains it would know include: contamination, and states. It would work with ender to play games as well. It would be comparable to cycsecure but free. A basic capability is the real-time response to email which should be added to audience. Audience currently is not written well enough to response quickly to email. It has to detect the importance of the message. The importance can be calculated by looking at the importance of the sender, the relevance to the individual, the contents of the message. It should be related to a given task context. The first thing I need to write is a unilang agent that works on mail. I suppose I could have mail forwarded to audience, at which point I could start to act on it. That is really cool. That is the basis of setanta.