• How would one record things one learned in a way that one could easily check after one has already forgotten the context of how it was stored. For instance, if I just write "ruled out open-type for use with web-agent", I'm not liable to remember any of the search terms. So in effect we need a context sensitive semantic memory. Another motivating use case - when using proof-general and coq - there are a lot of commands, that, if bothered to be learnt, will nevertheless be forgetton, along with with facts/commands from other places. So in effect, the net gain is zero. We must have a context-sensitive command representation system whenUsing(and(proofGeneral,coq),means(commandFn('Qed','Proof has been terminated'))). A memory aid to know what commands to use in different contexts, possibly even defining the pre/post conditions of commands. Thus related to prolog-agent, kmax Object Manipulation system (KOMS), brainleach, etc.