• The FLP is the flagship subproject of the FRDCSA metaproject at present. It consists of a lot of tools for tracking the state of the world, and the goals of its users and trying to work out robust and fault-tolerant plans to achieve this. It makes use of many other systems, which are wrapped from Prolog. It uses fcms in order to have a Prolog/Perl/Emacs interface. The goal is for it to help those who are experiencing poverty, illness, disability and/or homelessness. A free program that plans one's life is probably more useful on average than a lot of other programs. It currently has an alexa Skill which we hope to (partially) monetize, by soliciting donations from people who have used it to improve, among others, their financial security, to help fund other project work once the FLP is complete. The ai is more general than FLP, but this is certain a critical component and will help us find the stability and productivity to pursue the rest of the project. It includes a domain for productivity.