Todo Systems

Brief: A collection of initial attempts at various aspects of todo systems
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  • The FRDCSA has a long and glorious history of incomplete todo system implementations. To wit: score, do, Lightspeed, Normal-Form/Spark, Todo, pse, Agenda, system-planning, and task-manager, to name a few. It is a tough domain. (Fortunately, recent work on freekbs has enabled the creation of a set of tools for efficiently working with goals.) Additionally, each system catered towards a different aspect of the so-called executive skills. This system therefore is part of the FRDCSA research into cognitive prosthetics. This system aims to integrate all these aspects into a new system with superior capabilities - that will definitively secure the solution to this challenging domain, at least enough of a solution to keep us on track to achieve the final product. It has been rather successful lately in helping remind me to execute common tasks, although much further work is needed.